Welcome !
To start, simply press the lower-center button for five seconds.
To move between menus, use the lower-left and lower-right buttons.

The black icon on the left side will be a globe when the logger is active and GNSS quality is fine or a warning sign if not. GNSS availability : when the logger is active and GNSS quality is fine, a globe will be shown. If not, a warning sign will be shown. The black icon on the right side indicates battery level or
Entering a menu
To enter a menu, press the lower-center button.
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V Max (km/h)
Exiting a menu
To exit a menu, press both upper-center and lower-center buttons.
Global shortcuts
Two global shortcuts are also available :
  • press both upper-right and lower-left buttons to switch between day, night and low-power modes,
  • press both upper-right and lower-right buttons to reset logs and statistics.
These are available anytime except in the Map » Move Around mode.
A word about low-power modes
When not moving, when you haven't used the buttons for a while, when the battery level nears 0%, Motion will first dim its backlight to lower its power consumption.

When left idling longer, it will shut the display down completely to further improve power consumption.

Computations, statistics, logs, networking, emergencies will continue to work in the background.

To wake it up, press any button.
Battery now
First charge
Connect the wireless charging pad to one of the two chargers or to a computer. Your computer might complain that it didn't recognize the new USB device but don't worry, it is only a charger and naive. Then place Motion on top of the charging pad, eventually a bit offset to the left, and notice how the battery level icon in the bottom right of Motion's display is now a thunderbolt.

A full charge takes 3 hours and yields around 36 hours of use-time. Never leave the device unattended whilst connected to a charger or a computer.
First WiFi connection
Navigate to the "WiFi" menu and press the lower-center button to enter it. Then, follow the instructions on the screen. A complete step-by-step procedure is detailed in : WiFi connection.
To shut Motion down, navigate to the Shutdown menu and press the lower-center button. Settings, logs and almanacs will be saved automatically.