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Motion is not a safety device. It comes with no guarantee and no promises. We simply hope it might help someone someday. Do not take any risks.

When enabling emergency, please remember to :
  • keep Motion high above ground during each transmission. This is the biggest factor to improve the radio signal reach. A popup will warn you by displaying "Raise Motion now" two seconds before every transmission.
  • keep Motion out of the water at all times as being submerged would hinder its position calculations.

When receiving an emergency, please remember to :
  • make sure you are safe yourself before handling it.
  • Call your local emergency services. 112 in the European Union and many other countries. Consider the bystander effect and make sure emergency services were called. If you have any doubt about it, please call them too.
  • Relay the received data (continued below).

When sharing the position with anyone, emergency services for example, please remember :
  • latitude and longitude are Decimal Degrees.
  • The person in distress might have drifted since the position was last computed as valid. The time elapsed is shown at the bottom of the page as "0h00m ago".
  • The person in distress and his Motion might not be at the same position.

Please note that in order to avoid user experience degradation, we reserve ourselves the right to blacklist any user abusing emergencies.

A full run-down of the procedures can be found in the documentation : A quick write-up about "Emergencies".